Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

1- All Things Final fantasy XII

We’re incredibly excited to welcome you all to our very first segment of Final Stop For Final Fantasy Talks! Phew that’s a mouth-full… We wanted to kick things off with Final Fantasy XII, mainly because Mark is currently doing a playthrough and it’s fresh, but also because there is an incredible amount of content here. Stick with us here as we’re sure there will be growing pains, but it was awesome pulling all of this together and we are stoked to see what we can do moving forward!

Highlights of this episode:

Big changes between the original XII and Zodiac Age


The wide varieties of enemies- some old, some awesome new ones

Completely new equipment system

Our Bold Move segment, summons, gambits, and more!

Music Used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy VII- Costa del Sol

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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We’re so excited to begin this. We’ll be tossing up a few items, usually different from episode to episode, that we either have and love or things that we are planning on getting ourselves! This episode’s items include the Final Fantasy XII strategy guide that is really fantastic. Don’t let the price fool you as that is for a brand spanking new guide. We really like this collectors edition (Mark owns one) as it has an additional artwork book with it. Just be mindful that some things don’t match up with the Zodiac Age. The other two items look really awesome with the poster and the figure and there is also a Balthier figure as well. Check it all out!

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