Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

14- Final Fantasy IX: Dark City Treno With Crime And Punishment

We promise we are trying our best to keep these episodes to 30-40 minutes, there’s just so much to do in Treno! Have you ever unlocked the Crime and Punishment Active Time Event? It’s quite hidden, and neither of us knew about it for years and years. Thanks to some careful maneuvering, and following a nifty guide, we have had the pleasure to watch this absolute gem! Of course we also discover everything else that Treno has to offer including turning in those Stellazzio Coins to see what rewards we get, fighting a monster, and following Dagger’s trail of being robbed. Oh, and nabbing that Supersoft!

SeeD Trivia questions:

  1. Final Fantasy VIII- To get Doomtrain you use the Solomon Ring with 4 Steel Pipes, Remedy +’s, and Malboro Tentacles. False– 6 of each item
  2. Final Fantasy X- Belgemine gives you 2 Dragon Scales for beating her at the Moonflow. True
  3. Final Fantasy XII- There are 4 rats when you use Vaan for the very first fight with him. False– only 3
  4. Final Fantasy VII- Vincent’s first weapon is Quicksilver. True
  5. Final Fantasy IX- Amarant holds two world records in longest arms and largest hands. True
  6. Final Fantasy X-2- You get 7 minutes to beat the Leblanc Syndicate up Mt. Gagazet in Chapter 1. False– 6 minutes
  7. Final Fantasy XIII- Sazh’s son is named Chrysler. False– Dajh

Highlights of this episode:


Toss Gil into a fountain, feel happier

Play the Auction House!

…even more South Gate Bundt Cake

Our Bold Move and SeeD Trivia segments, new items, a Moogle and doggie, and more!

Music used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy IX- Dark City Treno

SeeD Trivia- Final Fantasy VIII- SeeD (of course!)

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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