Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

16- Final Fantasy IX: Cleyra Tree & Settlement

Make a note of all of the Blue Magics available here for Quina to eat, it can stack up on you easily! We love the different party members included for Cleyra. It’s an strange but oddly effective balance of skills and members. The settlement itself offers a bit of rest after all of that shootin’ and lootin’ on the way up the tree.

Be sure to watch all of those ATE’s to have Quina sulk at the massive sand pit! Hmm, it really does look like ice cream if you stare at it long enough…

SeeD Trivia questions:

  1. Final Fantasy IX- Zidane’s Stellar Circle 5 Dyne ability hits all enemies. False– single-target
  2. Final Fantasy VIII- Each phase of the Ultimecia final battle plays a different sound track. True
  3. Final Fantasy X- Summoner may pass, guardians may pass… Kimahri NOT pass!- True (bit of an inside joke for us)
  4. Final Fantasy VII- Double Cut materia needs 150,000 AP to master entirely. False– 250,000 AP
  5. Final Fantasy XIII- Mission 63, Adamantotoise, is the last mission. False– second to last
  6. Final Fantasy XII- All Measures give 35 evade. True (Original version was 25 evade)
  7. Final Fantasy X-2- It is me, Shuyen. True (another inside joke)

Highlights of this episode:

The hunt for yummy-yummies

Lots of mediocre treasure

Some name-calling directed at Vivi

Our Bold Move and SeeD Trivia segments, Moogles, water pumps, and more!

Music used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy XII- Gutter-churl

SeeD Trivia- Final Fantasy VIII- SeeD (of course!)

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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