Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

25- Final Fantasy IX: Queen Brahne vs Kuja, Back To Alexandria & Hippaul Racing

Some of the most awesome cinematic movies are in this episode! Bahamut is an Eidolon to behold, but unfortunately backfires on Brahne. After destroying the Queen’s fleet, and fatally injuring the Queen herself, Kuja and Bahamut ride off into the sunset. What to do now? Well, we know that Dagger is the runner-up for ruling Alexandria, so back we go!

There is a TON packed into this visit to Alexandria. Unfortunately a lot of it is miss-able and must be completed prior to watching Ruby’s play. We needed to split it between this episode and our next one, so for now we cover a few of the ATE’s and the dreaded Hippaul Racing mini-game. At the very least make sure you get that Nova Dragon card!

SeeD Trivia Questions:

  1. Final Fantasy VIII- Save the Queen requires Ochu Tentacles, Sharp Spikes, and Energy Crystals. False– Malboro Tentacles
  2. Final Fantasy XII- Hunt No. 25 is the Deathsycthe. True
  3. Final Fantasy VII- Steal + Comet2 Materia will steal on every hit. True (probably should be tested just in case!)
  4. Final Fantasy X- At Blitzball Team Level 25 you unlock the Flat Line formation. True
  5. Final Fantasy IX- Amarant’s Rune Claws have the Aura ability. False
  6. Final Fantasy XIII- Hope’s father’s name is Bartholomew. True
  7. Final Fantasy X-2- Yuyui has the highest CAT rating in Blitzball. True

Highlights of this Episode:

Kuja is savage

Amarant carries a couple of kids

Zidane can’t just go dating a Queen

Hippaul is the next Usain Bolt

Our Bold Move and SeeD Trivia segments, a purple Moogle, ATE’s, and more!

Music Used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy VIII- Dance with the Balamb-fish

SeeD Trivia- Final Fantasy VIII- SeeD (of course!)

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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