Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

28- Final Fantasy IX: Alexander’s Demise, Lindblum’s Hidden ATE & Cid The… Frog?

It’s been over a month now but we are finally through the story-packed section of disc 3. Alexandria is now destroyed, and the gang is back in Lindblum recovering and deciding the next move of action. There’s not very much for us to do in Lindblum this time around, but, there’s a hidden ATE that we doubt very many people have ever encountered! We won’t spoil it for you here so be sure to listen to the whole episode to see what needs to be done!

The general idea in-game now is that it’s time for Cid to change back into a human so he can develop a solid airship. After the potion debacle that turned him from an oglop to a frog (upgrade at least?), we need to set out to find his wife to settle this once and for all. Lastly, as promised we included the awesome track “Something to Protect” below!

SeeD Trivia Questions:

  1. Final Fantasy VII- Aeris wears bracelets in her character model. True
  2. Final Fantasy VIII- Doggy Angelo’s full name is Sant’ Angelo di Roma. True!
  3. Final Fantasy IX- Quina’s Blue Magic ability Roulette only targets enemies. False– everybody
  4. Final Fantasy X- Capturing all monsters at Thunder Plains unlocks Espada at the monster arena. False– Cactuar King
  5. Final Fantasy X-2- Pain is always ready to lay down the “hurt”. True
  6. Final Fantasy XII- The scar on Basch’s face is over his left eye. True
  7. Final Fantasy XIII- Aegisol applies Protect, Shell, Veil, and Haste. False– Vigilance instead of Haste

Highlights of this Episode:

Garlond > Kuja > Alexander > Bahamut > Alexandria, understand?

Grandma Pickle at it again with sales

Cinna won’t share his hammer

Dagger lost her voice- OMG!!!

Our Bold Move and SeeD Trivia segments, we’re in the poorhouse, full party!, and more!

Music Used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy XIII- A Brief Respite

SeeD Trivia- Final Fantasy VIII- SeeD (of course!)

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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