Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

34- Final Fantasy IX: Ipsen’s Castle & Finding The Four Mirrors

We made it to Ipsen’s Castle and what a strange place it is. It is beginning to strongly elude to this weird connection of worlds between Gaia and Terra. Things are backwards here, so powerful weapons aren’t as effective as the starter ones! Strange. With next to no useful treasure, this place can be a bit of a breeze-through, although enemies can provide a decent challenge if your party isn’t too leveled up. Regardless, we have obtained the four mirrors and now the next step is to go check out these places of power, all at once!

SeeD Trivia Questions:

  1. Final Fantasy VII- The last threat made to Don Corneo is “I’ll smash it…”. True
  2. Final Fantasy XII- The Gil Toss Technick does damage at a 1:10 (gil:damage) ratio. False– 1:1
  3. Final Fantasy X-2- To advance to Publicity level 5 you need 400 points. True
  4. Final Fantasy X- The first chance you can backtrack to Kilika/Besaid is after visiting Guadosalam(i) the first time. True
  5. Final Fantasy VIII- There are 15 Timber Maniac magazines. False– 12
  6. Final Fantasy XIII- Behemoth King is the most powerful Behemoth model type. False– Humbaba
  7. Final Fantasy IX- (Fun questions) if Zidane played Blitzball in X, he would be the star player of the Zanarkand Babes. True

Highlights of this Episode:

Kumool the Moogle

Amarant throws a hissy-fit

The wall of many options

Our Bold Move and SeeD Trivia segments, smelly (Ancient) Aroma, a nosy sailor, and more!

Music Used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy X- Lulu’s Theme

SeeD Trivia- Final Fantasy VIII- SeeD (of course!)

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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