Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

42- Final Fantasy IX: Our Ratings & Final Thoughts

Our final Final Fantasy IX episode… it feels a bit strange saying that. We’ve been at it so long we’ve grown quite attached! Heading into FFX makes it an easy transition though. We’ll keep this short and sweet since the main highlight is our ratings of elements of the game! Thanks once again for the awesome support through it all, cheers!

Final Fantasy IX Ratings:

Story: Mark- 8/10, Alex 8/10

Characters: Mark 9/10, Alex 8/10

Visuals: Mark 9/10, Alex 9/10

Enemy Difficulty: Mark 7/10, Alex 7/10

Enemy Variety: Mark 5/10, Alex 5/10

Bosses: Mark 8/10, Alex 7/10

Side-Content: Mark 7/10, Alex 7/10

End-Game Content/Areas: Mark 3/10, Alex 5/10

Battle System: Mark 4/10, Alex 8/10

Music: Mark 10/10, Alex 9/10

Overall: Mark 8/10, Alex 8/10

Music Used:

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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