Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

44- Final Fantasy X: Washed Ashore On Besaid

Tidus really can’t catch a break… Sin is seemingly hounding him down! Besaid is a fantastic area though and this beginning is simply full of hilarious moments, phrases, and things to dissect and talk about. We, of course, love making fun/light of the game and it’s such a gold mine here! We’re finally about to get a move on with battles and such, but definitely need a lot of the story filler here to introduce us to the new characters we are meeting. Wakka is kind of a jerk though, let’s be real.

On the note of short segments (if any of you are missing them!) we’ve decided we’ll most likely just skip them for the foreseeable future. It’s a shame on the music standpoint because we really did have fun picking tracks to play in the background, but overall we’re enjoying talking about X too much to transition to short segments!

Highlights of this Episode:

Tidus tries that move one more time

Hits, shoves, and headlocks…

The precepts must be obeyed!

Yuna, not a traditional old geezer summoner

Treasures, new fiends to fight, the first Cloister, and more!

Music Used:

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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