Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

45- Final Fantasy X: Leaving Besaid & Sin Destroys Kilika

Things are finally ramping up with some action! So far it seems that the game has been one long cinematic with all of the crazy scenes, and once again we are not disappointed. The crew leaving Besaid doesn’t leave much of a lasting impression the first few times you play the game, but after learning how important it is… well, you can understand that little kid boo-hoo’ing it up!

One note is that we forgot to mention the Al Bhed Primer III in the “Power Room” aboard the S.S. Liki. So, uh, yeah it’s there. Lastly, how about that Sin eh? That is one giant, crazy looking beast and it just mowed over Kilika like it was paper. Such a horrible event.

Highlights of this Episode:

Kimahri tries to beat up Tidus

Yuna laughs about it ^

Kick a suitcase for potions

Chocobo Power!!

We beat the crap out of Sin’s fin, Yuna’s first sending, Tidus gets washed off deck- again, and more!

Music Used:

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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