Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

6- Final Fantasy IX Series Opener, Let’s Get Started

What a fantastic start this is for us with Final Fantasy IX. We’ve been thinking why exactly we love this game so much, and there’s a few things that come to mind.

Obviously it’s an amazing game as it is, pretty much all of the Final Fantasy’s are, but it goes a little deeper than that. It’s all about that nostalgia. As was briefly discussed in this latest installment, we were just a couple of kids growing up while these Final Fantasy’s were being released. We were only in the 6th grade when IX released in Jan, 2000 and the night we got our hands on the game we stayed up all night to get through disk 1. All those memories, with many more, rush back at certain points while playing the game, and it adds such an immersive layer of enjoyment. Mix it with the game-play and you have yourself one of our favorite games.

Having said that, memories are just memories man- let’s get to the episode! We’re going to be taking it step-by-step through the story, as we just feel that’s the easiest way for us to organize ourselves and stay on track. While we’re not calling it a “strategy guide” or a “walkthrough”, we’ll do our best to mention all known (to us at least) secretes, side quests, games, fun little tidbits, etc. that make IX one of the absolute best Final Fantasy games.

Highlights of this episode:

Zidane/Vivi character introductions

In-depth look at the mathematical algorithm behind Tetra Master card attacks/defends (not as boring as we just made that sound)

Little secretes including loot on the ground, a hidden chest, quick/easy cards to pick-up

Bold Move and SeeD Trivia segments, the first side quest, Mogs, and more!

Music Used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy XII- Nalbina Fortress

SeeD Trivia- Final Fantasy VIII- SeeD (of course!)

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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Are you all prepared for a Final Fantasy IX playthrough? As always we have to toss up the strategy guide though we have Alex the walking encyclopedia. Even with technology these days and being able to just Google it all, the guides are still awesome to have and very useful. They are seriously becoming collectors items, suppose that happens when that vintage tag begins to apply. Also, there are a couple of additional add-ons that are really sweet so be sure to check them out!

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