Final Stop for Final Fantasy Talks

7- Final Fantasy IX: “Stealing” a princess 101

We’re not much of theater people, but this is one play we will watch time and time again. The beginning to IX is just so silly it’s a great time, but so packed together. There are tons of characters and with tons of little tidbits to find in Alexandria Castle it can be a lot. We provided you all with some Cliffsnotes so we hope you were paying attention and man, we really need to get a sound clip of Rust.. er, Steiner’s armor as he runs.

As we progress we’ll take the time to talk about all the various aspects of the game that we personally enjoy the most. That includes everything from music, characters, areas, and even the Active Time Events (ATE). This episode we talked about the music of IX and how amazing it is. Mark’s favorite song, Vamo’alla flamenco, was actually used for episode 2’s Bold Move so you can check it out there, but we’ll toss down Zorn and Thorns’ Court Jesters song. For added humor we hope you enjoy the portrait of the beloved Cinna.

Please note the shirt that literally does nothing.

Highlights of this episode:

How to rob a chimney

The cascade of newly introduced characters including Steiner, the ol’ Rust Bucket

Active Time Events and Mogster the Moogle who teaches, bro

Bold Move and SeeD Trivia segments, music, Cinna, and more!

Music used:

Bold Move- Final Fantasy VIII- Under Her Control

SeeD Trivia- Final Fantasy VIII- SeeD (of course!)

Intro/Outro- Final Fantasy XII- Home Screen

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We wanted to keep the strategy guide up for another episode because we really do love them. Having said that, the funny thing is neither of us own XI’s guide! We’ll have to get on that… there are a couple of other goodies to go with your collection of Final Fantasy swag so check it out and let us know what you think.

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